Whole House Fan Review: Energy Savings vs. A/C

A duct-fed Whole House Fan keeps the noise away from the living space (QuietCool System)

My QuietCool Whole House Fan in Action…

Note, this is a personal review. To visit the QuietCool product page on Amazon.com click here.

My family and I live in Southern California and the weather is dry and hot during the day but mostly  cool at night. It is the perfect place for what I consider to be the  most important green upgrade to my home.

A Whole House Fan (WHF). It is an energy-efficient ventilation & cooling system. It can be used instead of Central Air (A/C-System) and, in our case, reduces our monthly electricity bill by 30-60%. I have had my system for over 5 years and for that time, I’m estimating my savings to be $3915.

Whole House Fans are often misunderstood and many homeowners are not even aware that they exist.  But they are so effective in saving energy that as of 2014 the State of California requires them to be installed in all new residential construction (per building code).

So what is a Whole House Fan and how does it work? Please check out my YouTube video, where I demonstrate how a Whole House Fan draws cool outside air into my home, while blowing warmer ambient air into the attic… It creates a fresh breeze and cools the building as a whole (not just the air).

I’m using the Quietcool 1500 Whole House Fan and the Quietcool 2250 Whole House Fan.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what a Whole House Fan was until I first heard about them through my city (during a free green audit). Once I did some more research I quickly became a fan. So, I decided to create this website to help others find valuable information about this technology.

While most websites on this topic are brand specific and try to sell you on their Whole House Fan product, I’m eager to give you independent information on this green technology. I hope to be helpful in getting more people interested in upgrading their homes, saving them money on their monthly energy bill, improve the air they breath and protect the environment overall.

Talking Points I will be addressing on this website include:

If you would like to get updates on all things Whole House Fan, please subscribe to this blog and do ask questions. I will gladly keep you posted.

Thanks again for checking out my website.


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